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sorry xeberus if no one told you wiki is a shit hole source....

again...kick boxing is a sport and not a style

Types of kick boxing include,
karate (several styles)
muay thai (several styles)
san shou (several styles)
tae kwon do
then traditional k1 style

types of muay thai...traditional (kinda like kung fu) combat or sport style (thai land competition version, used in famed lampini stadium) dutch and european style. basic forms of muay thai, crocop is a european style muay thai practitioner sorry hes shown as a kick boxer by wiki, thats cuz he faught in k1. thai people use their legs more, europeans (and americans) took western boxing and added thai kicks, most of them arent as good at kicking though and are more stiff using less hip (crocop)

i dont know a whole lot about karate styles or tkd, generally more point based, and less strikes to the legs.
savate is cool but much less powerful than thai. and french
sanshou is a weaker traditionally weaker than thai in striking, but now alot of people use thai, boxing, and judo in san shou.
traditional sport thai allows knees and elbows, also you have to wear certain things and they play drums during the fight.
K1 is filled with muay thai fighters but doesnt allow elbows, k1 is kinda the standard for kick boxing events. most rules are based off theirs and most places dont allow knees and elbows because their more dangerous.

did i leave out anything?

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