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Originally Posted by severed View Post
Yeah he got SOO good he got BEAT DOWN and bloodied all over for 21/2 rounds then got lucky with an armbar.

WOW he has improved. Maybe he will only get beat down for 2 rounds and half his face cut up this Saturday and MAYBE he will get lucky again.
Lucky? I think not, he pulled off an arm-bar at the most difficult time to do so, he is very talented, Dollaway was being stupid and didnt realize how good Amir is. Dollaway isnt good, he just looked good on the show because he had more experience and better opportunities to train prior to the show as compared to the rest of the competition. Dollaway is an ignorant prick who thinks he is better than everyone else when he steps into a room full of people that he doesnt even know. He needs to learn his place(as do you Severed), and Amir will be the one to put him in his place. Maybe Amir will beat some of the cocky attitude and ugliness out of Dollaway... one can only hope.




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