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Originally Posted by davidm724 View Post
Spouted off a bunch of random Chappelle's Show dialogue that wasn't relevant or probably even understandable. Also, it was at the top of my lungs. I remember completely losing control of my volume. My girlfriend tried to get me to go to bed. When she came down to check on me, I was rocking back and forth, doing these wierd hand gestures like horns shooting out of my head, and I was rambling on and on about her and "Harrison" who were apparently trying to play some sort of joke on me. I was yelling "It was you! You and Harrison, I know it was you!"

I don't know any Harrison.
...Later I pissed on her floor as she was trying to push me to the bathroom. I remember stopping, and thinking, "whoa, I totally just pissed on your floor". Then I puked in her sink.
(Edit: I forgot to mention that I had only drank three beers, but I'd recently had Vicodin that was prescribed for my ear infection. Don't mix that shit!)

Good times.

SPeaking of Good Times, in your opinion, what is/was America's best sitcom ever in terms of comedy (obviously), and it's application to real-life issues?

For me, it's Good Times.

friends was clearly the best sitcom of all time

favorite cocktail
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