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Season 6 vs Season 7

Coaches- Season 6 was definitely better than this year. The feud between Serra and Hughes was great. Both men hated each other. Both wanted to beat each other so badly, it was personal. I don't buy the rivalry with Rampage and Forrest. They had that one " heated moment". Forrest wasn't even that mad at Rampage, he was mad at Schultz. I also didn't see much of a rivalry between the two, they really didn't seem to care if they won. And as for coaching skills, Hughes and Serra blow Rampage and Forrest away. Both Serra and Hughes taught their fighters different things and made their team better. I didn't see much of anything from Rampage and Forrest didn't do much better.

Personalities: Again, I give it to Season 6. It had a great combo of personalities. Mac Danzig, was great. I loved how he was p!ssed off at everyone. I forget who said it, but I loved the quote " If Mac doesn't like it, it's not cool." I really liked Ben/George/Matt/John/War and J-Rock. Then you had Rude/Hightower and Bowman who added comic relief. This year, I didn't really like much. Riddle was by far my favorite. CB was ok. Jesse was stupid, but funny. Jermey May, is a douche. Tim, Cale, Dante and basically the rest of them are all pretty boring to me. Amir was ok too.

Fights: Season 7 had some excellent fights. All of Amir's fights were pretty good. Tim vs Riddle was awesome. Cramer vs Zachrich was good. The Jesse fights were good and I really liked the Matt Brown vs May fight. It was a Great season for fights. Last year, I remember Ben vs Tommey, Ben vs Barrera, War vs Tommey, George vs J-Rock and War vs J-Rock. The rest of the fights weren't that good. Mac basically ran through everyone.

Potential: Draw I got two definite studs ( CB and Mac), and then there's Amir, Jesse and Riddle from this year and Arroyo,War,J-Rock and Ben last year. That's about it for me. Maybe Tommey Spear can come back, if he gets to a strong camp. It's kinda disappointing. I really thought the UFC could find better prospects. Some like Bowman,Hightower,Shultz and Zachrich shouldn't have been selected to be on the show.

Thoughts on both seasons?
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