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Originally Posted by jaycalgary View Post
Just watching the 25 toughest moments tonight, what Jesse did
should not even brought to the pubic. Some of these guys fight like animals and sometimes act like animals. I'm sure some of us like the bad guy just as long as he comes out swinging. You
know where you can shove your proper educate and good manors?
Your just on the winning side right now. Dana made a law and now its a law you proper fellows are the to defend.
How could it not be brought to the public... when JT did it IN PUBLIC.

Its one thing if it happened at the house, but the guy acted out in a casino where every square inch is covered by security video cameras... along with paying patrons.
I could give a crap if they guy is a jackoff at the house or in the privacy of his own home... but JT was just being a dumbarse by acting out away from the reality TV cameras and the safety of the house.
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