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Originally Posted by bbjd7 View Post
I think Herb stopped it to soon but however I understand why he did. The reason it is three taps instead of one is that there are times when you use a open palm and might slap an opponents leg or try to grab somehing with an open palm.

CB had a right to be upset and CB didn't act like Vera and flip at the ref later and say Amir's scared of him he was upset because he felt it was stopped early and he is right.

Calm down hating CB is becoming the cool thing to do and that's pretty stupid.
I don't see how you can say it was stopped early. He was in a deep arm bar that made no headway pulling out of. You could see Herb Dean with his face right there to look for any tap. He pulled his hand away and make a clear tap on the leg.

What else is herb supposed to do? wait for the arm to snap just to make sure prissy boy and his big ass lips doesn't try and make it out to be an early stoppage?

As soon as his arm tapped once, Herb already had Amir stopping. I say good reffing on Herb Deans part.

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