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Originally Posted by Davisty69 View Post
The main point is that he did one tap, intentional or not, and Herb dean was close enough to stop it right away.

Why are you saying he didn't tap? Because he said so? You can clearly see one solid tap. How is Herb dean supposed to know that he didn't mean it or that he accidentally did a tap-like motion? He couldn't possible. Plus, that Arm Bar looked pretty deep to me, plus he'd already tried to pull out of it for a few seconds.

I'm tired of people blaming the ref because the fighter that lost wants to complain.

Do you honestly think that Herb Dean should have just ignored that single tap, just to see if he really meant it? What would your take on it have been had Herb ignored the single tap and then Amir broke his arm? You would be calling for his head for a late stoppage.

This is getting ridiculous.
I'm not calling for the refs head. I said Herb should've let it go a little longer because guess what one tap is not the sign of submission 3 is.

If Herb had let CB sit in the armbar after that one tap then CB moving his hand down I would've said nothing because he wouldn't have done anything wrong.

I'm not saying he robbed CB I'm saying it was a quick stoppage.

There is no way for a ref to know what a guy means by one tap that's why the sign is 3.

Also I think Amir's submission game is fantastic and I have no problem with the fact he beat CB. Don't like CB much at all. He is a great MMA Prospect but he's cocky however whats wrong with him being upset by the stoppage. Tapping out is supposed to be three taps the reason it's three is because it's hard to read just one.

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