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dude dont bother doing creatine its a false way to gain muscle.. and there havre been romurs thar if u stop it that extra muscle u gained from it turns into fat. my trainer told me that.

Total crap... muscle cannot be converted into fat or vice versa. You can gain or loose both but you cannot change one into the other, that's like trying to convert oil to water.

Creatine does work. It forces more water into the cells and you can lift a bit more for a bit longer. When the creatine goes away, it is true that it's effects leave also, however, the gains you make while on creatine ( lifting heavier weights for longer) stay. That is how you benifit from creatine.

If you want to gain muscle, do squats. Don't worry too much about gaining until you are in the late stages of puberty. You need testosterone to make big gains, when your body kicks into development gear you should have plenty. If you still have issues then, go see a doctor and he will help you get testosterone replacement therapy.

Remember, there are a ton of myths about suppliments and exercises out there. Go to a good site like and read read read.~Nathan
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