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Holy shit there are some bizarre theories in this thread. Here's something to think about, Dana White is the boss in the UFC and he is extending a biiig contract offer to the winner of TUF7. Jesse gets a ticket to the ball and pulls that shit? First off f*iK this guy, second he's fired and I am going to offer this extended contract opportunity to someone who isn't a jegoff. And by the way the internet fans are going to say I am doing this because I secretly want Jesse out like I'm the man behind the curtain in the God damn Wizard of Oz.

Seriously, Dana and the UFC don't need the help. They got talent bustling to get in to the UFC right now. Shit, if I was in his shoes I would have told Jesse to hit the f*ckin road son. Then I would yell "Next...Ok you two fight. The winner takes that douchebags spot."

I thought it was way cool to tell him to clean up and call him on TV. Dana knows it would be bad PR to humiliate Jesse like that and not follow through with an opportunity in a few months. If Jesse cleans up he's getting a second chance in a few months, although it isn't near as sweet as the chance he blew. Oh yeah "Terrorizing Women" is code for "Stay the f*ck away from THAT guy!" Seriously, THAT guy will have your ass in a lawsuit somehow someway. Or will have personal shit against himself all the time. That's just how things work out in the world for the most part, not just fighting.
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