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these theories are wacky. Break it down. Dana and Fertitta's cannot have some 'UFC' fighter jeopardize the whole organization or MMA in general. Think about it. If one of these women that was supposedly accosted by JT went to mainstream news or filed a lawsuit..then what? What would the 90% of USA who are uneducated about MMA think? His actions could cause HUGE repercussions for the UFC with the lawsuit being the least. Think about how far MMA and the UFC has come and one incident like this could put a negative vibe/taste in millions of people.

My question is if he was just drunk, kicked out the window and then nothing else happened... would he have gotten kicked off?

The BIGGEST mistake he made was not even his antics that night. When he came into the room with Dana, Dana asked him what happened. He gave him the opportunity to say "Dana, I ****ed up. I did this and that. I am here to apologize and tell you I have quit drinking, and this will not happen again". But no he says oh i got a lil rowdy. DUMBASS. He should have called Dana and explained/apologized asap! Everyone screws up. Its how you handle it and MAN UP that makes all the difference. Or at least lessens the problem.

U think Dana needs this crap after all he has done to improve the image of MMA fighters? He has hundreds of fighters..doubt he would care if this one or that one was the winner or in the Finale. Im sure he doesnt care. These guys are newbies...

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