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Originally Posted by dianycis
The Ultimate Fighter 3 Finale

Ed Herman Vs. Kendall Grove

Result: UFC is as rigged and corrupt as boxing.

Firstly, I am not a fan of either fighter (if anything I probably like Kendalís personality more), but I watched that fight and I had 2 major problems:

1. Kendall Grove clearly tapped out in the 2nd round (he was in a triangle choke) and even looked like he may have been unconscious soon after, but recovered. Every person I asked who watched the fight saw the same thing. As well I had it recorded on DVD and watched it again and unless Kendall was giving Ed a light spanking, it was 100% a tap-out. Just because the referee wasnít paying attention (or chose to ignore it) doesnít change the fact millions saw it and within seconds the UFC staff should have alerted the judges and/or ref (or at least by end of 2nd round).

Fight over!!!

2. Ed Herman should have clearly won the decision. He 100% won round 1, 75% won round 2, round 3 was the toss up, was the clear aggressor the entire fight, the submission attempts were about even, he took Kendall down many times, pummeled him and 90% controlled the ground and the entire fight.

Giving it to Kendall Grove is like saying, just try a few reversals (even though they donít work) and get taken down 9 times and beaten on to win. So the way the claim they score and how the really do are exact opposites, now to WIN its:

1. Non aggression
2. Being on your back
3. Attempting submissions
4. Be dominated / beat on by opponent
5. Have judges money bet on you

I have watched since UFC 1 and that fight stands out as the top disgrace to me.

The UFC judging is clearly fixed and the sport may as well be wrestling on TV after that display.

I hope that when Ed Herman sees the replay he realizes he won that fight.
I truly agree. Kendall played the "counterpunch game" all night and allowed Ed to dust his face for three rounds. Kendall got his ass beat in round 1 and 3. To give someone a championship for having no offense other than 9-10 failed submission holds is stupid and defeats the purpose.

BTW, Sam stout was a muy thai/kickboxer and Kenny F. is a bjj specialist???? Who dreamt that this fight would be a good one should lose their job. It sucked. They are trying to prop up for another division champ.
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