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Member of the month award.

Hey, can we have an award based on this forum where a certain moderator gives out, lets say 5 nominees for the person who should get the month award for overall best poster. It is based on intelligence, kindness, detication to the forum, helpfullness, etc. Shall we do this?

After the moderator posts 5 nominees in the lounge maybe and gives out five nominees posters will vote. Whoever gets the most amount of votes wins the award and the moderator sends them a survey which is:

1. How did you find MMA forum?

2. Who is your favourite fighter and organization?

3. Would you ever leave this forum?

4. What do you think is good about this forum?

5. What do you think needs to improve on this forum?

6. Who is your favourite poster on the site?

7. Who is your least favourite poster on the site?

And maybe you can add in a few more questions to the survey if you think this idea is good. And no, moderators (the people who bring out the nominees) can not make theirselves nominees lol.

So, should we make this or not?
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