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ran 1 mile, went upstairs and did punch/kick combos on the heavy bob, went back downstairs and ran about 2 more miles. no tkd (Heavy Bob has to live in the aerobics room where they teach karate, if he was downstairs he'd get destroyed by all the little punkasses that are at the Y after school and during vacations.
7-1 (tue) ran 4.5 miles, l pulled something in my left foot and have been having to ice it and do workouts other than running, as set forth below.
wed 7-2 stairmaster 35 min, heavy bob combinations, 10 min. jump rope. TKD fun as hell with lots of kicking and blocking drills with a partner, good workout esp. when combined with what I did earlier that day. Then my partner, a fellow soccer mom, goes "i am NINJA" in a goofy voice, and i was laughing like butt-head around my mouth guard. I banged the shit out of the side of my right foot on the makiwara wall kicking pad thing, so now both my feet hurt, I hope I have a lot of frozen vegetables in bags in the freezer.
Thur 7-3 stairmaster 30 min, 10-15 min jump rope altogether, speed bag, heavy bag combinations w/ a lot of legs. rear leg roundhouse/turning roundhouse is good cardio if you do it for long enough and helps a lot with balance and spotting.
fri, sat, sun, didn't work out, super lame.
Mon 7-07 Jump rope/heavy Bob 15 min, ran 4 miles. Whatever I did to my foot last Tuesday healed up enough (with me icing it and generally babying it) along with the painful egg on my right foot from the sharp edge of the wood that the makiwara pad is mounted on, last Wednesday. I wonder if, for purposes of conditioning, I should skip the heavy bob/heavy bag some days and run more? If I hadn't had to be home for a child that was coming home I could def. have run further.

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