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Originally Posted by bob
neither has rashad evans. with some more well rounded training the guy would be a monster.

mike swick hasn't lost since TUF either. he is in line for a title shot(i still think it's too fast, but atleast he is getting a shot).

chris leben is doing fine as well, his only loss since the season end came from Anderson silva, i don't think i need to explain that it isn't a huge deal to get beaten by silva, seeing as he is one of the best in the world.

stevenson is up there in the LW rankings of the ufc. forrest has been doing fine, still not championship material, but he is doing fine.

keith jardine is a decent fighter as well to come off the show.

koscheck is becoming a decent fighter.

kendall grove is a decent fighter, so is ed herman imo.

bisping appears to be a monster, although he hasn't really been tested yet.

there are some more that i missed probably...
but all of that being said, they again are only fighting level B fighers... most of the TUF fighers barley have any background in a figting style, again most of them are just wrestlers and can toss a puinch... i like Ken Flo hes smart.. where more of the TUF fighters aren't they just throw punches and dive at there oppent.. and ever time i watch the ulimate fighter it makes me laugh.. cuz i know i can fight better then most of thoes guy.. they only thing they really have on me is the power.. because i dont spend my life working out... lol.. but the TUF people .. some of them even have their HEAD back then they are punching.. they look like girls.. hahaha yes given with the amout of people you have see in tuf .. there are always bound for a few to stand out

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