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Originally Posted by daman5
but all of that being said, they again are only fighting level B fighers... most of the TUF fighers barley have any background in a figting style, again most of them are just wrestlers and can toss a puinch... i like Ken Flo hes smart.. where more of the TUF fighters aren't they just throw punches and dive at there oppent.. and ever time i watch the ulimate fighter it makes me laugh.. cuz i know i can fight better then most of thoes guy.. they only thing they really have on me is the power.. because i dont spend my life working out... lol.. but the TUF people .. some of them even have their HEAD back then they are punching.. they look like girls.. hahaha yes given with the amout of people you have see in tuf .. there are always bound for a few to stand out
lol now you are making me laugh even more man don't write something if you dont know anything....once again the fighters they select all have background in mma before they fight in smaller shows or champions of other organisations....Joe stevenson man used to be welterweight and lightweight champion of KIng of the Cage...but i guess you didn't know that. I used to train at team thompkins in London and Rob McDonald trains there also and he is a kick boxing champion...these no talent guys you are talking about have been around for years and if you think you have more talent then they do then your on crack I said do your research before you post....and a little info for you most of them arent wrestler's lol they train BJJ and muay deserve a power stomp from Wanderlei for your opinions........hahahaha
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