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Originally Posted by daman5
naw the whole point of a fourm is to discuss people opinion, there just isn't a lot of talent in TUF, and it's a breeding ground for new UFC fighters.....

But as i said before anyone of the new fighters who won for tuf 4 is not supposed to fight Anderson Silva, who would WHOPE anyone of them in less then a minute...... so how is that a good place to get fighters? so ... i restate my question, is TUF a league?

please dont restate such a dumbass question. dude tuf is no league its a show put on by ufc to showcase some of their up and comming fighters and to give some dudes a chance to showcase their skills. and what are you talking about no background in fighting, all these guys are good fighters who have spent years working at mma, some more then others. but as fas as you beating anyone thats probably the biggest joke of all. and its not just power i can assure you. i mean danni abaddi who is probably one of the worst fighers ever on tuf would destroy you in less then 2 minutes i guarantee. you are a joke and this is probably one of the dumbest threads i've seen on this forum. go back to sherdog jackass!!!
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