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Romanina Deadlift
65kg x 5
65kg x 8
85kg x 2 +6 (grip failed)
85kg x 8 x 3

45kg x 12 x 1
54kg x 10 x 3

30 x 5

Barbell curls
30kg x 8 x 4

This was such a weird workout. First of all I was experimenting with shit I never do in Shrugs and Romanian Deadlift. After the RDLs I my lower back felt like Jelly and I had to lie on the floor forthree minutes. My grip was gone, I couldn't do a pullup. I guess it was from doing high(ish) reps with low weight, becuase I was concentrating on form, but my hands and arms were ****ed.

Edit: Just weighed myself. 170.2lbs. First time I have been over 170 in a long ass time.

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