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Originally Posted by daman5
Yes, but the only reason why i posted this is because someone else in a different theard said TUF was a league where great frighters are born, so i decided to see what people think.

lol, i said their really isn't that good of talent because there isn't it, all the TUF fighters have not won their title bout, so they aren't so great. Yes, Given some of them are undefeated, but the TUF fighters really only fight american fighters, so in the grand scheem of things, thoes fighters aren't THAT great..... decent, but great? I think not
Nevermind bro im done with you, you keep contradicting yourself.....go post thread on sherdog or something with all the other guys who dont make sense.....thats why I switched to this forum to have convo with people who know what they are talking about.
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