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Hmmmm. 18g per serving doesn't sound right. Matter of fact there should even be that much creatine in Whey Shake.

Edit: hold on I just looked into it.

It says it has creatine mono in it but not how much. It says "Proprietary Blend" which mean god knows how much is in there. That just mean that all together all these ingredients add up to 18g.


My guess is the quantity of it is fairly standard (3-5g)

So you don't really need to get a creatine by itself. Because the recommended amount of creatine after a workout it 5-10g.

IMO, you should just get ON Whey and then get SizeOn or just Creatine Mono in Powder or Capsule. Because you really don't need all that creatine if you drinking those shakes 3-4 times a day.

As for the Casien. Muscle Milk used to be good because it has Micellar Casein in it, but they removed the Micellar Casein to avoid having to bump up the price because as you prob know Protein is going up in price.

I'd just get ON Casein Protein or go to and order it custom from there.
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