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Originally Posted by Spartan42
Ive found that unless you overpower the other guy this doesnt seem too effective because they can push the arm out a little bit, then they have one of your arms and can go for the escape. from mount i personally prefer the straight armbar just because its hard to get out of once you have it sunk. keylock is good too. just my personal experience, not meant to be a discredit to the advice.
This might sound straight up rude, but if you need to over power him then you're not doing it right. Ground yourself and apply pressure straight down through his throat. It can actually be pretty dangerous, so alot of people don't apply full pressure, but if you lift up and relieve pressure then you can be over powered.

I have never trained with anyone who can fight back while I am applying what is essentially my bodyweight to their trachea. While this sounds dangerous, all they need to do is tap and all submissions have a certain level of danger.

When I was first introduced to aikido the big thing I learned abot applying pins (which I have applied in this particular choke) is to put all of my body weight onto the pinning limbs, like a handstand. Apply this technique gradually, because they almost always tap before you get your full bodyweight on top of them.
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