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Tue took kids to mall after work I told them never again am I missing a workout for the mall.
Wed ran 4.5 miles, tkd awesome punching drills with a partner, got to work boxing super fun
Thur ran 4.5 miles now I'm queasy
Fri 4.5 miles with more speed trying to make myself drop my speed and go further. i guess it averaged out to about a 9.5 minute mile. I never said I was fast overall, just fast for me.
mon 7-14 could barely crank out 2 miles. jumped rope maybe 5 min. altogether, was lame on the heavy bag also. very iron depleted and tired for reasons I don't want to get into, did not go to tkd we only meet 2x/wk in the summer I am getting so sick of the same old sh*t every time we have conditioning class but i'd never have gotten through it today.
tue 7-15 ran 1.5 miles, 35 min stairmaster, some speed bag and heavy bag really really drained it's hard to work out in humidity like we're having right now.
wed, thur, fri 7-16-7-18 -3 miles wed. some heavy bag & speed bag. I think I ran about 1 mile and was on the stairmaster for about 1/2 hour, i felt pukey the whole time. fri. same as y esterday except no stairmaster, I jumped rope in intervals for a total of about 20-25 minutes with heavy bag intervals and then lifted for about 20 mins, chest and back exercises. it has been very hot and humid the past week here and has left me very depleted, I almost didn't go to the gym at all, but I always say to myself, you'll never regret having gone to the gym, you'll only regret not having gone.

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