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Originally Posted by daman5
This isn't a tread to be reposonded too, i just hope people look at it.

The whole point of a debate is to have a logical argument, and refute it with points. By calling names and pointing fingers doesn't accomploish anything. So next time anyone sees anything they don't like, don't call names and say the other person is wrong.

Provide Proof, explain your proof, and state how it applies to the topic.

a lot of people don't seem to get that point in a debate. They get the point of providing what they think is proof, but they never ever explain why they think its correct proof, and they never EVER explain how it applies to the topic.

It's hard to win a logical debate when you don't provide enough info on how you think your point is correct.

hahahah Nerd.....YOu are right but we have proved you wrong many of times and you need to just let it go and say to yourself im awrong and thats ok.
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