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Originally Posted by daman5
lol YAY for the hero!! w00t! all of these new people coming on here, are because of me! (well maybe not all) but i have now expanded this fourm, because my opinion isn't the same as yours. and Im sparking a new form of communication to you.. lol but thanks for trying to step up to the level of debating that im at.

only kidding

happy posting!
wow...maybe u should kill seriously, you really sound like sad kid, "hehehe only kidding", im mean wow, your so ****in gay I'm speechless, you sound like a 13 year old chick when u write, maybe you are thats cool, if your a guy maybe try getin friends or possible even a girlfriend, I don't know wut to say, teh shit u write is so misinformed and shows that u really have no ****in idea wut ur talkin about.....but it seems that u like getting all this negative attention bcause in reality u have no life....I mean I've never really openly suggested suicide to anybody but I really think killing yourself would be a good idea...or maybe even shuting the **** up and never posting on thus site again
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