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Originally Posted by daman5
I think your right.

But im a true fighter, who doesn't give up unless they prove me wrong. I'll take what they hvae to say as the truth, but if i can punch holes in it its not really the truth then.

what a f****** joke "a true fighter" your a true loser. the only reason you dont give up is because you have nothing better in your life but to come on here and make rediculous statements then try to back them up with points that make no sence. After all that you come back talking about being a fighter and putting holes in peoples arguments which you never do!!! i challenge you to come up with one topic on here and i will break you down and we can let everyone else on here decide who knows what is going on and I will give you props if you can come up with a better argument on anything that has to do with mma. So if your up to the challenge let me know but until then stop the talk of being a true fighter. having the most post dosent make you right no matter how many times you try to say you are. in conclusion BRING IT *****!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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