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Originally Posted by ZZtigerZZ81 View Post
I just get tired of the same half-assed contributions to the forum. The constant negative comments, nitpicking of others posts, and overall thought that their posts are somehow more important or more knowledgable then others just because they think so. That is it. But I have never called anyone a name. I have labeled them as a type of poster or pointed a finger at their faulty logic, but rarely if ever calle dthem a name. And go ahead and pull up some old post Jasvll, we all know you will.
I was talking about the guy that got banned, not you.

And mjbish, I've been following this thread since it was started, hoping to get an answer. I've also posted my thoughts on what I think that answer might be along with a joke about my honorable mention. Sorry if that ruins the thread for you.

Originally Posted by Joe Rogan
That longing to return to the retarded past can only be born of some collective, subconscious, internal desire to try to turn back the clock on humanity and halt our obvious progression towards the inevitable zombie apocalypse of 2012.

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