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Aleks Emelianenko on Kimbo and the UFC

On Kimbo:
Aleks Emelianenko: In reality, as a fighter, as a fighter heís weak. For me anyway. My promoter [Vadim Finkelshtein] suggested this fight to his promoters, that I go there and fight Kimbo. And theyíre not taking the fight. They realize that for me heís too weak.

I wonít be fighting with him, playing with him. Iíll go there and tear him apart, bite him in two. Exactly like it was with me and [James] Thompson, whom it took almost three rounds for Kimbo to put away. No. Heís to be congratulated on one hand, though. Ö

What does he need? For people to know about him. For people to have seen him. Everyone earns money anyway they can these days. Heís not a fighter, heís not a sportsman. Iíd say heís more like a showman. I can say this about him.

As a sportsman heís very one-dimensional. Hands? Is that all? These days everyone can use their hands. When fighters at a decent level compete, you wonít understand who he was before. A boxer or a wrestler. Ö I train with boxers. I used to beat -- I now beat world champions. I box with them. Iím not a fighter that fought with fatties, with who knows who on some field or something. Thatís not a display of his prowess as a fighter. Itís just a show. They are elements of a show.

On the UFC:
Aleks Emelianenko: I also wanted to fight in the UFC . But as a Russian fighter, Iím not interesting to them. They are interested in their own, in Americans. Thatís why they didnít let me compete in their organization. They were saying that ďWe donít want Aleksander to fight for us.Ē Because Iíd arrive there, beat everyone and then take the belt back to Russia. They donít need that.

Those organizers, promoters, they need their own person. Thatís how they make their money. And thatís how they carry themselves, the UFC. I know that as of right now, theyíve ruined relationships with many and that many fighters have left them. They are now facing some very serious competition, and I think theyíll fall. I think theyíll fall to the second tier. To the place where they were, when Pride still existed.

Pride was better; Pride was number one in the world. So I think that itís criticism of the organizers -- itís not a criticism of the fighters. Theyíre worthy sportsmen. Good fighters. Itís a criticism of the organizers, of the promoters. They take everything and just wreck it. Instead they should be strengthening everything, making everything stronger, stronger and stronger. But people are leaving them.

Instead they now have very serious, very worthy competition in the world. And not that much time will go by before things change.

****Aleks is thinking the same things that Hardcore Fans is thinking, Im not surprised that he's thinking that way*****
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