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-Retail Store Soundtracks

-People Who Drive Slow

-People Who talk on their cell phones while driving slow

-People with Fast Cars who Drive them Slow (What's the point of all those horses if your going to go 35mph)

-People Who walk slow

-Cyclists who take up the whole god damn road (signs say share the road pricks)

-People on their bluetooth headsets and Nextels (nobody cares what your talking about)

-The Bush Administration

-The Prohormone Ban


-Gas Prices

-My High Metabolism

-VPX changing the ingredient on Zero Impact Bars


-Matt Serra Nutswingers

-Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Fans (who live in denial about how it's a "sport" and how it's not "fake")



-Ghetto Hip Hop Inspirational Movies about Dancing- (Stomp the Yard, You Got Served, Step Up etc)
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