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I hate cell phones(yes- I actually don't have one)

I hate people talking on cell phones while driving- most people suck at driving anyway and adding the distraction of "OMG!! Did you hear about Stacy and Brad?!?" while running over an old lady, 2 puppies and a cyclist.

I hate people who talk on their cell phone so loudly in public that people 6 aisles away can hear them like they are standing right next to them. A couple weeks back a dude was in the check line practically shouting in his phone to some guy named Mike. I was standing next to him and and started yelling to Mike "Hey Mike do you realize the idiot you are talking to is pissing off everyone and no one gives a rat's ass what ya'll are talking about." Fists almost flew at the 9 items or less line at Randall's that day.

Anyone be it athlete/celeb/arrogant prick- who refers to themselves "You know (insert their own name here) is all about the people and being humble. (Insert again) is always going to give the fans their money's worth. (Insert again) is a major asshole."

People who stink at the gym, or talk on their cell phone while sitting on a piece of equipment.

People who can't sit in the chairs with arms because they are so fat that they wobble when they walk, have trouble breathing and then order cheese stuffed Jalapenos and then a Chicken Fried Steak with extra gravy, fried okra, macaroni and cheese and then can't wait to get to desert while drinking 15 DIET cokes. Or these same fatties who always end up next to you on a plane and it feels like 1 ton of jello is lying on your arm.

People with bad breath.

Ignorant prejudiced people.

Passive aggressive people.

People(especially young kids) who hardly leave their room because they are playing video games all day and night and have trouble adjusting to public settings because they can't use their "cloak of invisibility" outside of World of Warcraft.

Guys who come up to you at the gym and try to "talk" about how hard they are hitting their pecs today while taking 30 minutes between sets and walking around like a peacock and glancing at said pecs in the mirror every 2 seconds.

People who use religion as a weapon to attack other people's way of life or lifestyle choices or to enforce their own narrow minded beliefs onto others.

I hate that I will never get to date Scarlett Johansson, Adriana Lima or Kate Beckinsale.

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