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I hate the Red Sox

I hate the Mets

I hate people who try to talk to me on the bus/subway

I hate it when the bus stops and dosen't move for 5 ******* MINUTES UGH.

I hate wrestlers who come to BJJ, and never tap casue there the tough guy.

I hate guys who come to BJJ and after a week try coaching people that have been there longer than them.

I hate it when fat people come to BJJ and just sit there and take a water break every 10 minutes,

I hate going to high school in the projects.

I hate it when I play Halo and get shut out.

I hate it when people try to talk to me with there mouth full of ******* food.

I hate it when people squint there eyes to see

I hate it when I try to write hate it comes out ahte lol

More to come I hate a lot of things

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