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Originally Posted by IronMan
This is an impossible question to answer. It depends on your opponent and any number of other variables.

If I'm fighting a standup fighter with fast hands and sloppy legs, I'l throw a leg kick and shoot.

If I'm fighting a standup fighter with fantastic headkicks and knees, I'll throw a few punches at him before going into a judo clinch and tossing him on the mat.

If I'm fighting a standup fighter that loves to clinch, I'll throw a big headkick at the beginning to intimidate him and then shoot in and take hime down.

If' I'm fighting a grappler with good submissions, I'll stand and throw punches, mostly at his head, while I wait for him to try and take me down.

If I'm fighting a groundnpound grappler I'll throw a big combination at the beginning of the fight to let him know I mean business, then I'll judo clinch and try to get into side control or a mount, so I can smash his face.

Strategy depends so much on physical condition of both fighters, it depends on the intelligence of your opponent and his likelyhood to do something crazy. There are too many little things to try and account for.
I agree 100%, this all depends on alot of different aspects, just ask Rich Franklin, I'm sure he's thought about his game plan against A. Silva many times over since his loss. I'm sure he has alot of questions he asked of himself.

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