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soundtracks in places like American Eagle, Abercrombie, where you can't decide whether to bust a satirical move or go into a spending trance.

The fact that there will probably never be a Sprockets movie.

Ppl who have been taking tkd 3 times as long as me and question every damn thing the sa bu nim says, ie stuff they've known for years.

Bad tattoos on ppl who could easily afford to get them touched up and/or done over.

That the only place to get good sushi in town is snotty beyond any degree that a restaurant in a small city should be.

Ppl who work out in flip-flops. Stupid looking at best, dangerous at worst.

The fans who booed the Red Sox players at the all star game. Hello! It's the all star game honoring icons of the sport! I don't care about the rivalry, you don't f*cking boo at the all star game EVER!!!!!!! (No I'm not a Sox fan).

Ass kissing celebrity articles in Vogue, Elle, etc. If I want to ready a shitty celebrity rag, I'll read Star or Us or something.

That there is noplace to take MT in my town.

More later.

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