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I hate alcohol and tobacco. ******* delicious shit. Smoked another *** today after not smoking for two weeks.

I hate women. Insecure bitches.

I hate people who don't understand that music taste is subjective.

I hate those ****s who just won't mind there buisness. You know the people I mean, the ones who just have to comment on shit or mess with people for no reason.

I hate hunting and people who hunt. Killing rabbits does not make you a man.

I hate my inability to control my anger and my willingness to engage in violence.

I hate my body. I have a bad back.

I hate the fact that I sometimes find myself feeling sorry for myself because of the above, when it's nothing and there are so many people so much worse off than me.

I hate people who try to talk on stuff they know nothing about.

I hate reality TV, and those shows where random nobodies talk about celebrities lives. I don't understand their appeal.

******* internet tough guys, like that guy who I was talking to who claimed to be some badass Kickboxer Marine Martial arts instructor and now I'm reading about some guy who smashed a ninjas (with six years training) teeth out?

And I hate Condoms, putting them on especially.

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