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1. I hate Veegans. Seriously, I can't stand these people.

2. EMO kids. Please go kill yourself already, you aren't the only ones that have problems and the world doesn't owe you anything. Grow up, stop blogging about your pathetic lives on Myspace and take off those retarded dark rimmed glasses and uber tight jeans. Oh yeah, you are supposed to look at the camera when taking a picture of yourself. When did it become cool to look down while taking a pic of yourself?

3. Wiggers. You aren't gangsta, and it's not cool to pretend to be.

4. Pretty much anyone at a movie theatre. You are there to watch a movie, not talk on your cell phone, text your friends, crinkle the popcorn bag for 2 straight hours or (if you happen to live in an urban area), talk to the goddam screen. I can barely stand going to the movie theatre and will only do so reluctantly if my girlfriend really wants to go. Netflix and On Demand movies are where it's at.

5. Coldplay. Is there a more overrated and pretentious band out there?

6. People that "Aks" me questions. Learn to say "ask".

7. People that wear Blue Tooths in their ears. These people are the worst. You aren't a special forces operative or nearly important enough that you can't take out your phone and talk on it for 30 seconds.

8. Bill O'Riely. Has he ever actually interviewed anyone? I mean besides constantly interrupting someone when they are making a point about something. This guy is a serious douche.

9. Getting ganked in Elemental Plateu while farming motes of air. I really f'n hate Alliance.

10. Machida ball washers. I didn't think it could get worse than GSP nuthuggers, then Lyoto came along.

11. Not being able to get 5 stars on Raining Blood in GH3. I mean, Slayer rules and I feel like I'm letting them down.

12. NYC radio stations. I'm from New Jersey and I've lived in a couple different areas of the country. New York has by far the crappiest radio in the country.

13. Tom Brady, Bill Belichek and the entire Patriots organization. 18 wins and 1 GIANT loss.

14. Johnathan Papelbon. You are not Mariano Rivera, stfu.

15. Waiting in line behind someone at 7-11 that is ordering lottery tickets. I'm just trying to get some f'n coffee before I go to work and I have to wait for you to get 15 different scratch offs, 5 pick 6 tickets, 10 Mega Millions and 5 pick 4...

16. People who take an elevator to go up 1 floor. In the lobby of the building I work in, there are stairs right next to the elevator that go up to the first floor. It isn't a stair well either, the ground floor is open up to the first floor. Some people will still wait for the elevator to go to the first floor.


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