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[Game] Insert Nickname Here

This game is easy I start out with a recognizable celebrity name or a recognizable location or city and the next poster creates a nickname. It can be insulting or complimentary but it's always funnier when it is insulting. Then after you type the nickname, type a new person or place for the next poster to use. Here's a couple examples for you slower folks

Example #1:
1st post: Michael Vick
Next post: Michael "I ****ed a girl and gave her my herpes and told her my name was Ron Mexico" Vick

Example #2:
1st post: 7th Heaven
Next post: 7th Heaven - The show with the worst acting and story writing in history that just will not go away.

Example #3:
1st post: China
Next Post: China - Home of SARS, Aids, monkey pox, bird flu

Anything that can have a nickname can be used. Celebrities, fighters, athletes, places, tv shows, food products, restaurants, anything at all. I'll start it up with a fairly easy one....

Solomon Hutcherson
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