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Originally Posted by Miranda
Well I guess it depends on what it is you go for. What are you studying anyway if you don't mind my asking? As for less lessons, not in my situation. Each quarter is, of course, 12 weeks long... but we cover all the material between 1-10 weeks, then finals week 11 and the 12th we actually have off between quarters. 3 classes a week, each a different class ranging 4-5 hours a piece. I'm supposed to learn all these different computer programs, design, movie, animation stuff... just one day a week a piece for that little of time a piece. Work 40-50 hours a quarter per class, know it and present finals... so we go super fast and they practically jam it down our throats. It's a pain in the a** but worth it. I'm working my way towards working for Dreamworks or Pixar designing 3d movies, so my degree is costing a pretty penny lol. However the money I'll be making in the field will be even nicer.

course u can ask miranda i have no problem with that, i just finished a biomed course to get into genetics at portsmouth uni, its not what id like to do, maybe something more like emgineering but what the hey i'll give it a chance i try hard at what i do whether i like it .
i'd love to see ur name on pixars credits or dreamworks, keep at it girl!
do u have any examples of ur work online, my twin does art she has a page on deviant art, and elfwood, her names Rasha Al Najjar, would u check it out?
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