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Originally Posted by WouldLuv2FightU
I agree with the threadstarter Lytle was robbed. He was clearly the more skilled fighter, nobody won the fight really, but Lytle was clearly the most skilled and it pisses me off that all you have to do to win a fight in the UFC is have good charisma, and talk highly of yourself, and apparently foot stomp and move your body in short quick jerky motions but not actually be doing anything. Serra just made himself look like he was beating him up by moving fast he does it all the time if you actually watch he is doing absolutely nothing but moving his legs and hips really fast but it never accomplishes anything whatsoever. Lytle was the better fighter therefore I felt he should have gotten the win. Maybe he should learn how to break dance or something cuz that basically all Serra does. I think it's funny how they always say he has submitted some of the best in the world and has world-class jiu jitsu....who the hell has he submitted that can be considered "some of the best". Pete Spratt? Ha! Please... Kelly Dulanty? Kelly who?....Greg Melisi? Who's that guy oh yeah no one knows cuz he's 0-1. Serra is so overrated it's crazy. Charisma gets you far in the UFC obviously that is the #1 thing they look for.
Ok so your saying that in a fight where both sides did nothing they should choose the guy with the better record? Please.

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