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Undefeated's Log

Hey, I'm Undefeated and I want to get into MMA training, so I decided to make this log.
Pretty soon, I want to get into this amazing MMA gym, but I need to convince my dad first.
This gym offers all sorts of equipment, Muay-Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Justsu, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, and Tae-Kwon-Do.

Next fight: Hopefully going to the 2009 Tae-Kwon-Do Nationals, depending if I get into the MMA gym soon, I might have MMA fights before that.

Here are some stats-

Age- Almost 13.
Height- 5"7 1/2?
Weight- 135?
As for my diet, I eat pretty healthy, but I don't want to worry about supplements.

Gear- I have some 16 oz Boxing gloves, and some 4 oz MMA gloves, as well as hand wraps. I have a multi-purpose heavy bag. I have a resistant band set, as well as free weights. I have a dog to help motivate me to run more, and when I run I can hold light free weights in my hands to speed up my hands some. I have a perfect pushup set, a speed rope, and a gripmaster. I have headgear, a mouthpiece, shin/instep guards, and all sorts of sparring gear.
I'm saving for some better gear.

Martial Arts background-

Tae-Kwon-Do Black Belt in a few months. Some informal BJJ, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, and Muay-Thai experience from private lessons, nothing like my TKD though. I will soon learn some Escrima, but that is pointless in MMA. Not really that amazing at Grappling, but I'll get there.

Training log:
You won't see the average weight lifting stats, becuase I'm too young to do any serious lifting.
Conditioning is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Technique is Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

7/25/2008- It's late at night and I just started this log, so I don't plan on doing Conditioning after 10:00 P.M.

That's all in my log for now, if you have a problem for some reason PM me, don't try to make me look bad.

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