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silva's not that good on the ground. I mean i dont consider rich franklin that good on the ground either. But silva can most def hold his own on the ground he's a bjj blackbelt and he trains with the nog bro's. Silva is going to have trouble with lutter on the ground but im also sure silva will be training to improve his takedown defence and as he said polish his bjj. I think silva will be ready for looter allot more than looter is ready for silva. I dont care how looter is spelled. Lutter is going to get his ass knocked out and if he does get it to the ground hes gonna be having allot harder a time trying to sub silva then patrick cote. Silva's probably gonna be up in the moutains somewhere training with the BIG NOG making 100% sure that if it does go to the ground it will not matter.Silva's bjj and grappling still will not be near lutter but hes gonna be training with guys that are better than looter at bjj. with better takedowns like big nog. Silva's already a bb and hes always getting better. I give lutter a 1/5 chance of pullign a submission off. I dont count him out tho, i woudlent be entirely suprised since lutter is the best grappler hes ever fought in his entire career.
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