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Originally Posted by recon6991 View Post
Did you do chin ups and pull ups for shoulders? Dont those hit other groups mainly? Just asking, I dont want to sound like an ass. Ive been reading as you post, good stuff! One more question, is there a reason you only do sets for front and lateral raises?

And as to what you were saying about increasing your workload... I do a pretty standard 12,10,8 rep scheme but its pretty easy to jack the weight up and see the difference over time in what you've been using, and I feel it too. Just my experience.

Last question, how do bent over barbell rows feel? I've always done them with dumbbells so I was just wondering if it would be worth switching it up. It seems you would get a little better range of motion with db, but be able to load more weight with barbell.

keep it up man
No problem, man. You're not an ass at all for asking questions & stating what works best for you, I enjoy all forms of feedback.

-Today was Shoulders & Back (Traps, Lats, upper back) day so the chins & pull ups were to hit those areas. I also did shrugs as well but I actually forgot to put that in the log.

-What do you mean by sets? I don't quite understand the question on the front & lateral raises, man.

-BOBR's are awesome! You should really implement them into your routine. I'm like you and prefer the DB rows any day of the week but I like switching everything up once every two weeks or so. They help the overall outlook of your back immensely and if you lift heavy with BOBR's & deadlifts, you'll have a thick back in no time.

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