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[QUOTE=randyspankstito]In fact it is very unfair to give the winner a title shot. The reason these guys were on this show was because they lost of bunch of fights in the UFC and were about to get canned. It makes absolutely no sense to give any of these guys a title shot. What the prize should have been was that the winner gets one more chance to keep his job, NOT that the winner gets a title shot. QUOTE]
I pretty much agree with that, the winners should have been like all the other shows, you get a chance to climb up the ladder again with a guaranteed contract but the title shot is a little bit overboard and quite frankly a slap in the face for others fighters who I feel have already earned a title shot.
For Example I'm not saying that Koscheck is ready for a title shot but why do these guys get to jump ahead him, Diego is ready and I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting. They could have put in a clause that if the TUF winners won 2 consecutive fights then they would get a title shot or something along those lines.

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