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Originally Posted by wukkadb View Post
Nice lifting man, keep it up.

Def agree! BORs are the shit. You ever try snatch grip deadlifts? Good way to get ur back big as well:
Those look disgustingly difficult in a good way. I'm sure I'll try those out sometime when I'm bored & goofing around with exercises.

Originally Posted by recon6991
Alright Ill have to try them. Yea I just reread my post, I didn't explain the set thing very well. You did 25 lbs. 10 reps for 2 sets for the raises if I read correctly. That just seems like a small number of sets to me. I can't find it but I know it was in a Muscle and Fitness article saying 3 sets (not counting 1-2 warm up sets) is the perfect number for muscle building. Im sure someone else could find the actual reasoning behind it and cite a source, but again, thats worked well for me. I've got back tomorrow, I'll give those BOBRs a shot.
OH, that makes a lot of sense now. I completely understand what you're saying. I have no reasoning, just felt as though it was time to move onto another exercise.

Originally Posted by recon6991
Yea I didn't even think of that, I just remember the last log he had with something about bodybuilder in the title of it I think, could very well be wrong.
I've kind of got a unique philosphy. I want to push & stride for the biggest strength/mass gains I can mainly. I consider a bodybuilder so many different things that despite doing only two sets of exercises at times, I'm still sculpting & building my body the way I want to.

..I'm weird, you don't have to tell me.


Getting back at it tomorrow with some leg work most likely. Well, I'm hoping legs but there's a chance I might go to the gym and suddenly come to the realization that I want to do chest & triceps instead.
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