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One inch punch, what a joke. In a fight? are you joking? Kung fu sucks, very innefective. Sticky hands and all that crap, well it just dont work, I know because I have went at it with a supposedly wing chung expert. It was like sean sherk vs ken flow without the cut on sherks head a blowout.
Well, here is the thing. The 1 inch punch can help as a training technique, it can help you learn how to generate power when your hands are already extended (e.g. repeated jabs). However, I'd rather have a hook or right cross.

On kung fu (gong fu actually, more techincally wushu. Gong fu, americanized "kung fu" is actually a philosophy that you do whatever it is you are doing to the best of your ability.)

There are wing chun'ers and karateka who are very effective. However, it is rare to find one. Most "dojo's" teach bad form and moves with missing elements and they don't think critically about the moves to see what elements have been lost or patched. I even read an article about the "lost" grappling techniques of Tae kwon do... I mean TKD is a martial sport, a ripoff of Shotokhan invented by General Cho in the early 20th century. It has no grappling. The BS that some of these guys spout is amazing and gives real MAists a bad name.

How old was that wing chun "expert?" If he was a day under 40, he wasn't an expert. To become an "expert" at anything takes a lot of time.
I am SO SICK of schools that give 12-16 year olds black belts...~Nathan
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