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Wrestling practice today has been my favorite of all practices, because we worked a lot on takedowns. The head and arm is a throw that I really like. I practiced it with a guy around sized which made it much more beneficial. I really like how you donít have to have a lot of strength [not saying I'm a wimp] but the whole leverage concept is awesome. Also we worked on a choke throw where you grab your opponentís chin and wrist and roll them over. The only bad thing about practice is the conditioning, even worse is when I look to my left I see the little kid who are not even breaking a sweat. Also for the first time in my life I thought I would throw up due to exercise. We had to wheel barrel down to the other side of the room then do 10 push-ups then the same time back. All in all I had a real good time and I can tell my hard work is paying off. It's noticeable to me that my skill level has increased slightly so life is good.
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