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I need help with Photoshop !!!

let me start of with saying that im a total n00b on photoshop and i got it yesterday.

i dont have problems with all the cutting and effects and stuff but i do have one problem.....

say i have a picture ( pic.A ) with me in a landscape. then i cut me out and then i have me on a blanc background.

then i want a picture of say flames as the background ( flame picture = pic.B)

problem :

when i have pic.A ( me ) up in photoshop then i cant find a way to open pic.B ( flames ) as a layer in the pic. A group. when i have pic. A up and want to open pic. B then it just opens up pic. B in a new "workspace " so to speak and i cant drag pic. B eiter.

i think i have tried everything ( but there are alot of commands ) , i tried ( when i had Pic. A up ) to open a new layer, but i cant open a new layer with pic.B on it they just come out with blanc bacground.

even when i have a new blanc layer ( layer 2 ) up in the pic. A group , then i cant seem to get pic.B onto layer 2.

i hope this wasnt to all over the place and that you guys got some idea of what my problem is.

plz help

- norway1

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