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Some good points made.. yea the one inch punch is not everly practical and does not show up in most works as for the fact it was not a practical manuver, it was the theories and training and discpline behind it that is what the effective part was. the level of confidence and all.. I know many people who can do a fairly effective one inch punch.. but I'd rather them do it then some with the focus and discpline of Bruce Lee. Heck I can do a fairly effect one inch punch... and most people who claim to do one cheat by striking the solar plexus (sp?) which makes thier punch seem more effective by easily knocking the wind out of the person if I recall in Bruce's Demo he stikes a bit higher up on the chest but its been some years since I have watched the video... but yes it is real.. there is a difference between someone like the ones reading and posting on this thread doing it, (as stated part of it is the proper application of various muscles of the body, but it really is so much more) and someone like BRuce Lee or other true masters doing it.

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