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Originally Posted by Kendrik View Post
I have an extremely basic question, but one I really need an answer to. Can you explain in words (and, if at all possible, give me a photo or illustration) for the proper form of the kimura? We went over it so quickly in class the day that it was explained, and I didn't have enough opportunity to learn it correctly. I'm not a fan of learning things the wrong way (takes too long to unlearn it before learning the right way).

Seems to me that the kimura has a ton of potential, but only when used right (it seems that you were alluding to this as part of... Hughes vs. Gracie... if i recall correctly).

Here are some videos that show how to correctly execute a Kimura.

As a side note, when you grab the wrist, do not grab it like most people feel is natural, with four fingers on one side and the thumb wrapping around. All five of your fingers should be on the same side.
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