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Yes, but what you're failing to realize is that same assessment can be used for ANY fighter, "Watch out for the underdog", "underdogs always have something to fight for", now since you can use this for any fight, why even bother bringing it up? We're comparing the TALENTS of the 2, not "Well he's the underdog" blah blah.

Silva-Good striker. Questionable ground game.

Lutter-Mediocre standup. Good ground game.

Hmmmm, you need to go back and re-read my post if you think I'm just throwing out the "He's the underdog" statement.

No one is saying Silva is bulletproof.

You might want to search these forums.

I love how since the majority of the fans are picking Silva to win that all of a sudden means he's "unbeatable", dude stop putting words in peoples mouth.

Again, you need to re-read my post. I also picked Silva, but of course you ignore that.

People are making accurate assessments on how the fight might turn out, judging from the fighters TALENTS, not "the underdog" angle.

Accurate assessments? So, basically ignoring Lutters ground game, and praising Silva's questionable ground game is accurate? The hilarity just writes itself there.

So throw that underdog shit out of the window and talk some MMA, please.

Yikes, I make one comment about the underdog, and you twist & turn it into something totally exaggerated. Again, the hilarity just writes itself.

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