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Originally Posted by NaChOmAmA

its not like I was angry in my post!

Just sick of hearing Matt Hughes and Tito are amazing.

They are just too 1 dimensional fighters and boring to watch.

UFC is becoming stale unless they get some good talent!

Anderson Silva was a good choice...although he made the UFC fighters look like a bunch of chumps (because they are)
and hopefully Fedors bro Aleks comes soon! It will be interesting to see how he fends against the UFC heavyweights...becuase hes not really a top pride competitor...hes actually supposedly only beaten if he comes and wipes out the HW will again show the low level of competition the UFC has to offer.

wow u really hate tito and matt hughes every post that thier names are mentioned you alwasy have like 2 posts saying they suck you can say they are boring but to say they suck is kinda stupid matt hughes has been the most dominant fighter in the welterweight division and he has fought hayato sakurai which is probably top 3 lightweight in pride and beat him he also recently beat BJ penn and you can make all the excuses you want but at the end of the day he won and bj penn has been one of the few to beat the top dog at pride lightweight my favorite fighter takanori gomi so im not going to say anything if you find them boring thats your opinion but if they say they suck well thats another story tito has been going kinda downhill lately in my opinion so i wont defend him much until he beats chuck(if he can)

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