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Originally Posted by jdun11 View Post
Frank would knock Robbie out. I never understood all this hype with Robbie Lawler, yea hes pretty fun to watch but who has he really beaten. Frank has faught and beat tougher guys and will outstrike Robbie like he did to Baroni. I hate Frank and like Robbie but Robbie will get worked.
Frank wont have the skill it takes to strike with Robbie. This "who you've beat" crap is for the birds its how you match up against your opponent and Robbie has some serious stand up advantages. Wile frank was collecting dust Lawler was improving his game and now at this point, Im not even sure frank can get Robbie to the ground and that’s his only real hope to win. If he stands with Robbie it will only be till Lawler sits him down and that will dish him out his what second loss in a row?

Then again I’ve never liked either Ken or Frank. But at the same time I never liked the old Robbie Lawler either but with the improvements he's made I really think he’s came into his own and is top five in the weight class which frank certainly is not anymore.

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