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Aussie Bad Boy's Training Log V.2

Alright well last time i tried to do a training log it sort of died in the arse after about a week as i couldn't keep up lol... mainly with the meals so i've decided to start fresh with just my workouts.

As i stated in my other log i'm currently training to hopefully begin MMA fighting by the time i'm 20 which gives me two years today as i've just hit 18. I train Muay Thai & BJJ as my main arts with a little boxing, judo & wrestling here and there not very often.

I'm currently 78.5kg (173lbs) which i weighted this morning and i'm carrying a little bit of extra baggage as they like to say lol and above all else i've lost my 6-pack which is quite depressing.

I'm not going to record the amount of weight i lift atm as i don't go to a gym and i simply lift at home as much as i can and when i get some additional weight plates i'll start adding the weight.

I will start posting after i've done a workout of some description so cheerio for now

- A.B.B (Aussie Bad Boy)
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